LockedNo valid installed HI-TECH compiler drivers

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2013/04/08 10:01:59
I've just copied an existing, working XC8 1.12 project to a new directory, removed some project files and renamed the project (as a way to begin a new project). A compile attempt yields "No valid installed HI-TECH compiler drivers". I've checked language toolsuite  and am surprised that when I choose XC8 the path C:\Program Files\HI-TECH Software\PICC\9.83\bin\picc.exe appears. Of course I ammended that and also the paths under the expandable view in language Tool locations, but no gain.
I'm making a second attempt, copying the old project and compiling then gradually removing files and that is working so far.
I don't understand what's happening though.
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Re:No valid installed HI-TECH compiler drivers 2013/04/08 11:37:22
It is not the Procet.  Ity is the IDE.  MPLab X/ or 8
there was and issue with one of the Newer 8 the deleted the Plug in.  if so reinstall it, or the compiler, or they had so fix it program.
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Re:No valid installed HI-TECH compiler drivers 2013/04/09 01:21:43
Thank you Smile