LockedAdvisory/Warning Messages in XC8 V1.1

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2012/11/26 03:23:19
I am using MPLAB v8.6, XC8 v1.1. (free mode)., ICD3 and PICDEM2.
Although I can compile programs and flash them onto my PIC18F4520 - (they all seem to work as expected), I get a couple of advisory/warnings during compilation:-
Advisory[1233] Employing 18F4520 errata work-arounds:
Advisory[1234]  * Corrupted fast interrupt shadow registers
Warning [1273] ; . Omniscient Code Generation not available in Free mode
Warning [1311] ; . missing configuration setting for config word 0x300003, using default
Does anyone know why I get these and if there is anyway to rectify them?
Thanks in advance.
Peter Camilleri
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Re:Advisory/Warning Messages in XC8 V1.1 2012/11/26 07:05:00
To summarize:
1233 & 1234: Look up the errata for your part at Microchip's web site.
1273: Your compiler is running in free mode. This feature is not available. Upgrade to the full version or get help with licensing if already upgraded.
1311 You are missing some config settings and the compiler is using default values.